Our Products

We are producing Runny and Soft Set honey and wholesaling in 340g jars for £4 and 113g jars for £2.25

The honey is straight from the hive, is raw and unfiltered.

We have 14 apiaries in and around Lavenham with 66 hives expanding to 80

We will continue to develop new products, including a range of Busy Bee cosmetics made from our pure Beeswax.

Our 8 Lip Balm products have been tested and assessed and we have a Cosmetic Licence.

The Wholesale Price is £2 for each Lip Balm and £4 in a Gift Bag with a scented candle.

We are using essential oils of Wild Orange, Rose, Geranium and Spearmint.

Gift heart shaped candles from our beeswax, with our essential oils and dried petals ❤️

Our Pet Paw Lotion is wholesaling at £4

Gift Wrapped Honey 🍯

Our Premium Lavenham Honey can be purchased in Lavenham at The Bakery, Blue Vintage Tea Rooms and Lavenham Butchers. We are delighted the award winning Great House Restaurant in Lavenham choose our honey and produce fabulous desserts.

If you are looking for something different as a wedding favour how about personalised lip balms and honey.